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Gypsy Lou Band Promo Items.

For background info about Lou and some of the details of how he defected from Hungary during the Cold War so he could continue playing guitar, we suggest reading the Lynden Tribune article on the Gypsy Lou Band.

We offer two sizes of promotional poster files online, 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17". Click on the link to the one you're interested in downloading.

As shown, each includes a lightened area at the top for venue dates, location, etc. If you need something other than this, please let us know.

Poster Example

Vita Lo Rez You may also download a press release-type biography of Gypsy Lou. For these, choose between standard rock/blues venues and the one for cajun and zydeco venues. (the Cajun venue info offers a photo of the Gypsy Lou Band's frattoir player, Ranger Kidwell-Ross. Both of these are in PDF format.

We have a printable handout that includes selections from the current Gypsy Lou Band set lists. Click here for it in pdf format.

If you'd like to see a brief video of the band performing a cajun song, you may choose between 'Nicole,' and 'Ain't Gonna Do It.' Both were shot at the Wild Buffalo on 11.21.06.

If you haven't already, we invite you to listen to some Gypsy Lou tunes while you're at the website, or take a look at the current Gypsy Lou Band play list. For further information and bookings, contact us via email or by using one of the other traditional methods shown below.

Remember: When you want to rock, you can count on the Gypsy Lou Band!

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